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787 Bay Road
S. Hamilton, MA  01982   
Phone: 978-468-0362
Fax: 978-468-8454
Safe Arrival: 978-468-0350
Main Office: M-F 7:15am-3:00pm 


Welcome to the Health Office

Maribeth Ting, MSN, RN
Miles River MIddle School Health Office                      
787 Bay Rd.
So. Hamilton, MA 01982
Phone: 978-468-0390  

Fax: 978-468-0450         

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 7:20 am-2:50 pm 

Safe Arrival Absent Tardy Line
If your student will be sick or absent for any reason please notify the office at:
Phone: 978-468-0350


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“You cannot educate a child who is not healthy and you cannot keep a child healthy who is not educated.”

--Jocelyn Elders, Former Surgeon General


Welcome to the health office. Our goal is to ensure academic success through optimal health and well-being.  The school nurse's role includes providing first aid, caring for acute and chronic medical conditions, completing state mandated screenings, and maintaining health records.  I am here to assist in promoting good health and maintaining a healthy, safe environment for students and staff that encourages a comfortable and productive learning atmosphere.   My role is to work in collaboration with you: parents and guardians, and with others in the school system and in the community to foster health and well-being. Feel free to call the health office at any time to check on the well-being of your child or to voice concerns that may arise. If your child has a fever or symptoms which would interfere with normal classroom functioning, please make arrangements to keep him/her out until your child is able to perform in the classroom. 



A Letter To Parents and Guardians

Letter to Parents and Guardians

Consent to Communicate with Provider You may complete this form to give the health office permission to communicate with your student's physical and mental health provider.  It may be faxed, mailed or hand delivered to the health office. 

Emergency and  Health Information Sheet

Please complete your child’s information card as soon as your receive it at the beginning of the school year and return it to the school immediately. We need a new sheet each year, even if nothing has changed. Please remember to 
update this information with changes throughout the year.  New job? New cell? We need those updated numbers.  

When completing the form, please know that health information contained on it is kept confidential.  A copy of this form safely accompanies students on field trips, and every attempt is made to send a copy along with a student in the event of the need for medical transport while at school.  What important contact and health information would you want health care providers to have about your child until that time that you can be there?  Remember, in the event of an accident or illness, the school must be able to reach you, or another person you have designated on your form, to assume responsibility for your child.

Safe Arrival Line  978-468-0350 or

Both available 24 / 7 / 365

Daily attendance is an important part of my role as the school nurse.  Not only does it help me keep track of the health needs and issues in the school, it helps the school assure that your child has reached school safely.  In accordance with district policy, a call must be made to, or an email sent to, the Safe Arrival Line message system 
each day that your child will not be in school.  If you are aware of a known extended absence, perhaps for travel or medical reason, you may leave one message with inclusive dates and an expected return to school date.  If the situation changes and your child’s absence will extend beyond that return date, another call to the Safe Arrival Line is needed.  If you are emailing your child's teacher, please also cc the safe arrival email.

Maintaining Current Health Records
To best meet your child’s health needs and to keep their records in accordance with state regulations, please notify the nurse in the health office of any change in health status, medications, immunizations, medical regimes, etc., as they may occur.  A hard copy (please keep  your original for your files) of the administration of immunizations on your pediatrician's letterhead is required in order for immunizations to be officially registered as part your child's school health record.

Medication Adminstration at school and District Health Forms

Information for Parents about Medication Policies for Students to receive Medication during the School Day

Medication Order for Prescriber and Parental Consent to Administer Medication during school hours  

Food Allergy Anaphylaxis Care Plan (FARE)

Asthma Action Plan

 Asthma Record

Medication Retrieval
Parents/guardians may retrieve their child’s medications/supplies from the school at any time.  Any and all medications/supplies must be picked up by the parent/guardian by the end of the school year.  Any medications/supplies not retrieved by this time will be discarded.  Medications/supplies will not be stored over the summer break.  Any medication not retrieved by a responsible adult by the conclusion of dismissal on the last day of school will be disposed off.  

Physical Exam Report Requirement Information


In accordance with Massachusetts Law,, all families of students new to the District and grade seven students are required to provide a copy of a physical examination within the preceding 12 months.  All students wishing to participate in intramural activities also must provide a copy of a physical within the previous 13 months prior to participation.   The form must state whether the student is able to participate in all school and sport activities.


In accordance with Massachusetts State Law, all students in grades 6, 7, and 8 will be screened for scoliosis.  This will take place during PE classes.  Girls should wear a sports-bra or bathing suit top as the nurse will need to visualize the entire back include shoulder blades. 

Students in grade 7 will also receive screenings for height, weight, vision, hearing and SBIRT (Survey, Brief Intervention, Referral to Treatment) for substance use.

Should you wish your student not to be screened, please inform the nurse in writing. For more information please contact the nurse.

Sick Day Guidelines

If your child will be home sick, please notify us via our Safe Arrival message system.  You may call the Safe Arrival Line  978-468-0350  or  email  These messages are received directly by the school nurse.


In order to provide the healthiest environment as possible in order to promote learning, please do not send your child to school when symptoms of illness are present.  Symptoms can include, but not be limited to, vomiting, diarrhea, general malaise, fever, severe or persistent sore throat, ear pain, or frequent cough.  A child will not be allowed to remain in school if any of the following conditions exist: temperature measured at, or above, 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit; persistent cough; untreated head lice; undiagnosed/untreated skin rash or communicable disease; vomiting/diarrhea; neurological changes; severe pain or disabling injury.  
Please notify the health office within 24 hours if your child contracts any contagious disease, including but not limited to: strep throat, MRSA, conjunctivitis, head lice, impetigo, fifth’s disease, chicken pox, measles, whooping cough (pertussis), mononucleosis, scabies, mumps, tuberculosis, and scarlet fever.

Additional information to help you decide if your child is well enough for school can be found here, "Sick Day Guidelines."   Please remember, the guidelines discussed are just that...guidelines.  A child does not have to be 'so sick,' or hit a certain number of checks on a list, to simply not be well enough with enough energy to function through a day and benefit from being in school.  

Post-Illness Return to School Attendance Guidelines

Your child must be fever free without medication and symptom free (no vomiting/diarrhea, etc.) for 24 hours prior to returning to school.  Your child should also feel generally well enough, and have had adequate rest in the recovery of their illness to be able to deal with a school day.  This would mean that a child dismissed home from school with a fever or other illness symptoms on a given day should not return to school the following day.  According to school guidelines,  a child diagnosed with strep throat, impetigo or conjunctivitis must be on medication for 24 hours prior to returning to school.  

In the event of a head lice (pediculosis) diagnosis, please treat accordingly and check your child’s head frequently.  Please see the Hamilton Wenham guide for treatment here.  The Hamilton Wenham School District procedure for the management of lice can be found here.  Our procedure supports the American Academy of Pediatrics position statement, found here, as well as that of the National Association of School Nurses, found here, in relation to the management of head lice (pediculosis) in schools.  In short, exclusion of a student from school because of a head lice diagnosis is unnecessary and results in unfounded  loss of days in school.  Parents are encouraged to review these informational statements in order to best support their family and our school community.  Call the school nurse if you have any questions.  


A concussion is an injury to the brain.  Students who suffer a concussion require cognitive and physical rest to recover.   If you student suffers a blow or strike to the head, please complete a Report of Head Injury Form  or provide any documentation from your student's physician, and notify the nurse.  I will work with you, your student, your student's teachers and your student's physician  to help manage symptoms, and encourage recovery.  

For more information about concussion please view:

CDC Heads Up Youth Sports  this link contains training for parents and students.

Head Injury and Concussion Information for parents and Students 







Health / Disease Information (Links and Fact sheets)

Health Resources

Tuberculosis Risk Assessment Information

Immunization Requirements

Immunization & Lab Result Requirements

School Immunization Law, Chapter 76, Section 15 of the General Laws of Massachusetts requires that all immunizations must be up to date for children to attend school according to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health regulations. Massachusetts General Law allows schools to exclude children from school whose immunizations are not up to date. Please Note:
*Immunization and lab testing dates must be physician verified.
*Physician documented updates should be submitted whenever your child receives additional immunizations.
*Immunization requirements listed below must be met, and on file in the health office, by the first day of school for that child (beginning of school year or upon entering as a new student during the year) in a given school year or that child may be excluded from attendance until the missing immunizations have been administered and supporting documentation is received by the school.

Massachusetts Immunization Requirements for School Entry


Please consult with your child’s health care provider for any questions or concerns. 

**The only immunization exceptions are as follows per the Massachusetts Department of Public Health:

1) a medical exemption is allowed if a physician submits documentation attesting that an immunization is medically contraindicated.

2) a religious exemption is allowed if a parent or guardian submits a written statement that immunizations conflict with their sincere religious beliefs.

**The law states that medical and religious exemptions must be presented at the beginning of each school year.  Philosophical exemptions are not allowed by law in Massachusetts, even if signed by a physician.


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